An overview of Code Splitting in React.js and High Order Components (Loadable + Lazy)

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When first starting a new project in React, many of us used such tools as Create React App, Next.js, or Gatsby. Using these tools, files are “bundled” using tools like Webpack, Rollup or Browserify. Bundling is the process of following imported files and merging them into a single file: a “bundle”. This bundle can then be included on a webpage to load an entire app at once.

Bundles were initially created to optimise the number of HTTP requests it would have taken to download multiple files…

A guide to upgrading your digital lemonade stand

Maybe you think Etsy’s overrated? Or you just have quite the independent streak? Either way, if you’re reading this, you’re ready to take on the challenge of handling payments in your Rails API.

Luckily, Stripe makes it easy with this customizable API that saves you the trouble of storing user payment information on your website (which would leave you vulnerable to cyber attacks on even the best days).

Project setup

  1. Install the Stripe Ruby gem. After adding the following to your Gemfile, run ‘bundle’ in your terminal.

Server code

2. On the server side…

Meme with Elliot Alderson from “”Mr. Robot”, Ryan Beckford typing on a fake laptop, and Tony Stark. Chrome logo “Hackerman”
Meme with Elliot Alderson from “”Mr. Robot”, Ryan Beckford typing on a fake laptop, and Tony Stark. Chrome logo “Hackerman”

Now that I’m halfway through my time at the Flatiron School, I’ve become accustomed to the rhythm of each three week phase (neé module). At the beginning of each phase, we learn a new language or framework, then we’re evaluated on our understanding of it in a code challenge, and finally project week with student blog presentations. A while ago, some people in my cohort mentioned it would be helpful for everyone to like each others’ posts to boost engagement, and so this blog idea was born.

In this blog, I’ll be walking you through the beginning of building a…

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*insert pithy subtitle here*

If you’re just beginning your coding journey, this is pretty much how these bots work.

So we may not be living the future predicted by the Jetson’s, but we’re pretty close! In response to unprecedented demands for online delivery of essentials at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many shoppers were left with long wait times to reserve a delivery, or found themselves constantly refreshing the page and waking up at odd hours in hopes of beating the crowd.

Well those days are (almost) behind us as many of the mentioned services were able to…

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